Friday, November 13, 2009

Jodie Karnell

Jodie Karnell is one of my favorite spanking models and I am sure I am not alone in thinking that, as she combines the perfect combination of looks, innocence and acting skills to pull off a compelling performance in all her films.

If you are not familiar with her work, then click below to see more of her:

Jodie Karnell Takes A Spanking

or here:

Jodie Karnell Spanked Secretary

I found a non spanking clip of her on you tube where she is running around a room while her boyfriend films it. It might be fun to have a spanking model for a girlfriend, although it may be that she takes some many swats at work that it is the last thing she wants to do at home. Here's the clip:

Click Here If You Want To See A Real Spanking

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